Press Release
Press Release

1st June 2022


31 May 2022 - Movella™, a global innovator of advanced technologies and products that digitize movement, is proud to share the success of its Motion Capture Content Creators Conference (MCCC) 2022.

In recent years, the MoCap Content Creator Conference has been an opportunity to gain insights from leading industry experts who use Movella’s Xsens Motion Capture technology in revolutionary ways. For this year’s conference, we dived deeper into discussions around the future of creativity with the MCCC: Metaverse Chapter.

The event brought together a collection of content creators who have spent the past few years working with Web 3 technologies and who have been at the forefront of creating motion capture experiences and art within the Metaverse.

“Movella, with its cutting-edge solutions to digitize movement, is enabling the Metaverse ecosystem. We are proud to see that we help lay down a solid foundation for its rapid growth with the first Metaverse creators. These pioneers are integral in making sure this future comes into being and we are happy that Movella's Xsens Motion Capture technology can play such an important role in it.” – said Ben Lee, CEO of Movella.


The conference lineup included

  • interactive digital artist Veronica Lynn Harper;
  • founder of the NFT and blockchain VFX studio Sombra, Brendan O'Neil;
  • Jonathan Winbush, who recently collaborated with Method Man on the first comic book for the Metaverse;
  • ​​Aragorn Meulendijks from Beemup/Your Open Metaverse, a decentralized platform and marketplace for virtual and interactive environments.

The Motion Capture Content Creators Conference: Metaverse Chapter took place Wednesday 25th of May of 2022, the sessions are available on-demand on the website.


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