Press Release
Press Release

27th June 2022

27 June 2022 - Following the launch of ‘Your Open Metaverse’, Beemup uses Movella's technology to create a promotional video.

Movella’s Xsens motion tracking technology was used by Beemup ahead of the launch of their YOM (Your Open Metaverse) Blockchain and as a part of the team’s virtual reality TedX talk. Your Open Metaverse is a B2B2C Metaverse platform and ecosystem that allows users to create virtual experiences.


“If you look at Movella’s offerings, specifically the Xsens motion capture suit, it's just very easy to use. We don't want to be strapping people into suits with hundreds of white balls and stickers all over their bodies. For us, it's very important that motion capture is easily accessible. We want to make it as easy as possible and Xsens is a great solution for that.” - Aragorn Meulendijks, chief marketing officer, Beemup


“Movella continues to work closely with the creators of the future as we enter the next stage of content with the development of Web 3 technologies. Companies like Beemup are using Movella’s motion capture technology to showcase the potential of the Metaverse for consumers and corporations alike.” - Ben Lee, CEO of Movella.


Click through to read more about Beemup and the Your Open Metaverse project.

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