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Poor ergonomics in the workplace presents unseen yet constant risks to both employees and businesses. Workers across various industries, including manufacturing plants, assembly lines, logistics centers, farming facilities, and construction sites, face heightened risks of injury due to the nature of their work environments. 


For businesses, this translates to indirect costs such as substitute training, delayed production, overtime expenses, equipment repair, and negative publicity. According to EU-OSHA, work-related accidents and injuries cost EU €476 billion a year!


Global regulations like NIOSH, KIM, ISO are established to enhance workplace safety. Complying with them is crucial, making in-house ergonomics assessments essential for business compliance and employee well-being. Consequently, well-being and safety at the workplace act as a direct contributor to higher satisfaction rates and productivity of employees.

To discuss all these points, we are organizing the webinar  "Workplace ergonomics: maximize employee well-being and productivity".

Our agenda includes:

  • Enhancing workplace safety and productivity: Learn about the crucial role of ergonomic assessment in improving workplace safety and boosting business productivity.

  • Navigating international regulations: Understand the significance of compliance with international regulations and discover strategies for seamless implementation.

  • Promoting workplace well-being: Explore how good ergonomics can enhance workplace well-being and foster higher levels of work satisfaction.


The session will conclude with a Q&A with the speaker!



Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can create safer and more efficient work environments with motion capture technology. 


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Jordi Koggel

Business Development Manager Health & Sports

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