Press release
Press release

2nd April 2013

During the 2013 Enschede Marathon the wireless inertial sensor MTw, developed by Xsens, will be used for the first time in the sport specific situation. The project (MeasuRun), by Roessingh Research and Development, investigates the effects of fatigue on the individual running technique.

Fatigue plays an important role in the development of injuries as it disturbs the relation between the load and the load ability of the body. The results of this project will provide an insight into the changes and adaptation that occur in running technique during the course of an actual marathon as a consequence of fatigue. This can be used to define the link between changes in running technique and running related injuries. Based on this knowledge feedback can be given to runners on how their individual running technique changes under fatigue.

What is MeasuRun?

In the MeasuRun project at least four runners will be measured at the 2013 Enschede Marathon. Advancements in sensor technology (small, wireless and wearable sensors) enable the real time measurement of kinematic parameters in the sport specific situation. Up till now most research on running technique was limited to the a-specific lab situation. Therefore, 3-d inertial MTw sensors will be used to track changes in running technique during the marathon. Measurements performed during an actual marathon will provide unique data on changes and adaptations in running technique over time as an effect of fatigue. It can be assumed that running 42 kilometres will induce fatigue in almost every runner, causing the runner to finish the race in a fatigued state. A test of maximal physiological capacity, prior to the marathon, will set the reference to quantify the individual state of fatigue. The level of changes in running technique indicates the influence of fatigue and as such of the disturbance of the relation between load and load ability of the runner.

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