20th June 2013

MVN BIOMECH Awinda: completely wireless

Enschede, the Netherlands – June 20th 2013 – Xsens, the creator of Xsens MVN BIOMECH, expands its portfolio of full-body 3D kinematic measurement systems with a solution based on fully wireless motion trackers: MVN BIOMECH Awinda. With MVN BIOMECH Awinda it is possible to generate highly accurate kinematics using this lightweight, easy to use and completely wireless system.

Inertial motion measurements are further enhanced with Xsens’ wireless motion trackers in MVN BIOMECH Awinda. Freedom of movement of the subject is increased by the lack of on-body cables and battery packs. Preparation time of the subject is reduced since the wireless motion trackers click into dedicated body straps. On-body weight of the total system has been decreased drastically. This makes MVN BIOMECH Awinda the perfect choice for research applications such as biomechanics, ergonomics and rehabilitation.

Using Xsens’ patented wireless protocol Awinda, synchronisation of data from each wireless motion tracker is as perfectly synchronised as its wired equivalent”, Explains Colleen Monaghan, Product Manager at Xsens, “such tight synchronisation is necessary to guarantee very accurate kinematics.”

Xsens’ MVN Studio Pro 3.5. is the first software release which supports MVN BIOMECH Awinda.

The MVN BIOMECH Awinda system will be demonstrated at ISPGR in Japan, Akita 22-26 June; ECSS in Spain, Barcelona 26-29 June; ISBS in Taiwan, Taipei 7-11 July; ASB in USA, Omaha 4-7 September.

About Xsens

Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Its sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in consumer electronics devices and professional applications such as 3D character animation, motion analysis, and industrial control & stabilization. Clients and partners include Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Daimler, Autodesk, Sagem (Safran Group), Siemens and various other leading institutes and companies throughout the world. Founded in 2000, Xsens is a privately held company with offices in Enschede, the Netherlands and Los Angeles, USA.

More info at https://www.xsens.com

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