12th January 2016

Now Mocap Research Can Be Done Anywhere With Data Directly Imported into Premier Biomechanics Analysis and Reporting Tool, Visual3D

Xsens and C-Motion are bringing the unrestricted inertial motion capture data of Xsens MVN Analyze to C-Motion’s reporting software, Visual3D.

Now, sports science and medical professionals can use Xsens’ inertial sensor-based motion capture system to create insightful human motion reports that offer the most precise way to assess injuries, training routines, and performance goals. And the mocap can all be done anywhere – in the lab, on the field, or in the office!

Known as the leading modeling, analysis, and reporting tool for biomechanics, Visual3D pulls its research-ready data from motion capture. Thanks to Xsens’ sensor-based inertial mocap solution, MVN Analyze, researchers have the ability to record human movement anywhere. Visual3D users can not only track the position and orientation of their subjects, but their velocity and acceleration, as well, with the highest levels of accuracy and reporting. A video with overview:

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