16th March 2015

The "Love Has No Labels" has over 85 million views. The viral video features diverse couples and families interacting behind a massive X-ray screen. The X-ray effect wasn't actually made with X-rays, it was crafted with Xsens motion capture tech. Watch the making of and see how Xsens technology team Mindride designed the live experience.

Mindride suited the actors up in Xsens MVN Awinda systems. The Xsens data was streamed real-time to a rendering computer which animated the corresponding 3D skeleton created by a CGI artist on the team. To make the skeletons more human-like, Mindride augmented the performer’s hands and jaws with special midi-controllers. Also as the performances were happening, they continuously modified the skeleton models to make them look more X-ray like.

For more behind the scenes material of "Love Has No Labels", click here.


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