11th September 2019

Today we can announce Xsens’ sponsorship of Team Sunweb. We are really happy to work together with Team Sunweb as we have the same innovation goals embedded in our DNA. Both Xsens and Team Sunweb are dedicated to drive innovation using technology.

Xsens’ Motion Capture technology gives Team Sunweb insight into the exact movements of joints and limbs while cycling. It’s unique that the cycling team can measure these movement in an outside, real-life environment and that they can analyze them in realistic conditions. Based on this data they can support their choices when optimizing the individual bike position of the riders.

Next to this, the data also gives the team insight on motion patterns that could cause injuries. With our products Team Sunweb are able to recognize these patterns at an early stage, making it possible for them to make the right adjustments in materials and/or advise on specific training methods.

Lastly the motion sensors can also be used to give direct feedback to their riders. For example they can be used to keep an aerodynamic time trial position, analyze a rider’s sprint position or give feedback on the efficiency of their pedaling technique when climbing.

Multiple year cooperation Xsens and Team Sunweb

In the coming years Team Sunweb and Xsens will continue to work together, developing the product and ensuring that its key characteristics are even more applicable to the sport of cycling when used in practice. This sponsorship provides Xsens a great opportunity to cooperate with a professional cycling team competing at the highest level possible. The insights into professional sport keeps us challenging to improve Xsens products.

With this sponsorship we also want to increase our brand awareness, much like the recent partnership with FBK-games and Enschede Marathon.

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