Customer case
Customer case

14th December 2015

The opening scene of Ted 2 is a grand Hollywood musical style scene. In the scene Ted is dancing along on a giant cake between all the other dancers. In the making of feature you can see how the crew used the Xsens MVN motion capture suit for the dancers.

Watch how the Xsens MVN system was used on the set of Ted 2:

To get the right effect, the dancers needed to move freely on the giant cake-set. The ideal solution was to use the wireless Xsens MVN motion capture suit. In the video you see dancer Sarah in the Xsens suit doing her dance routine while motion capture specialist Webster Colcord records her movements. He records the movements using the Xsens MVN Studio software. The data is then directly streamed onto the 3D character of Ted to have a live view on how this would look like on Ted.



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