24th May 2016

At GDC earlier this year Xsens announcement of the live integration of Xsens MVN with Unreal Engine 4 via IKinema LiveAction. This integration is another step to enable our users to focus on the creative process rather than the technical integration. Unreal Engine has received numerous awards and is one of the major game engines around. Integration of Unreal Engine 4 via IKinema LiveAction will enable many new real-time applications that require realistic human-like character animations and beautiful graphics.

The new integration was showcased for the first time at GDC at Epic's live demonstration of Hellblade.

IKinema LiveAction

IKinema LiveAction is the go-to tool for real-time live performance capture for film, TV, and game production. LiveAction works by retargeting the actors’ performance to animate avatars in the virtual world, producing perfectly matched character performances during live takes. IKinema's award winning full-body solver is cleverly integrated to ensure post-production quality is achieved at every step. LiveAction is fully integrated to Unreal Engine 4 for rapid creation of virtual production pipelines.

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