15th January 2021

Xsens is always looking for new ways to capture and digitize reality in precise and accurate detail working together with our partners. And we’re happy to announce a new collaboration between Team DSM and FitLift.

FitLift is a strength training application that's built up with the Xsens DOT platform, with powerful algorithms that enable a professional cycling team - Team DSM, to provide real-time feedback on lifting technique and movement velocity in their strength training sessions. It gives them the tools they need to get the exact adaptations and improvements out of each session, while also reducing the risk of injuries. Also, the post-analysis of these metrics will support the Team DSM experts and trainers group to further optimize the overall training periodization of their riders and supplement long-term planning.

The partnership starts in the first quarter of 2021 and the Fitlift product will eventually be used by almost sixty cyclists for the purposes of weight training.

‘’The collaboration with Xsens DOT and FitLift enables us to track our athletes on technical execution and movement velocity during their strength training sessions. This new data and information ensure that each rider achieves the targeted adaptations out of the strength sessions, and allows us to optimize the balance between strength training and cycling towards our performance goals, giving us another competitive advantage.” - Nelis Koeken, Biomechanics & Strength Training Expert, Team DSM.

The new partnership will help to create products that deliver better health through nutrition outcomes, as well as safer and more sustainable materials, which will ultimately translate into benefits for society at large. Team DSM will gain direct insights and feedback from some of the most demanding customers in the world – pro athletes – in order to better develop sustainable solutions that can help others remain strong, healthy and performing safely for longer.



About Team DSM

TeamDSM-LOGO_200928_DEFTeam DSM is a German-licensed global professional cycling team operating at the highest level of the sport, with a unique scientific and innovative focus that is ideally implemented through a culture of true cooperation. With three programs - Men, Women and Development - under that same umbrella, the team are known for their Keep Challenging mantra: to redefine cycling through cooperation and innovation. The basis of this comes from grassroots development at their Keep Challenging Center and elite sports Campus in the Dreiländer region, in Limburg, where the world’s most promising talents are developed into the best that they can be. Ethics also lay at the heart of their organization, having always worked to the intensified ethical standards of the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC). Team DSM is a founding shareholder of Velon; many new and young fans throughout the world are starting to follow professional cycling through modern novelties that are being introduced in cycling by Velon. 

About FitLift

logo black-bg multi-color-logo-1FitLift is the first technology that provides you with detailed feedback on your form and exertion rate during workouts. Simply put our device on your wrist and pair it with our app, and we show you your movements in 3D in real-time during your set. FitLift ensures that you're getting the most out of every rep while also decreasing the likelihood of injury- you will always know how consistent your form is and how to correct it for the next rep. FitLift also tracks your workout pace, heart rate, and tells you when to increase your weight or rep count to reach your fitness goals. 


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