Customer case
Customer case

7th December 2021

Neckcare is a pioneering technology company based in Reykjavik that provides healthcare professionals with cutting-edge software and hardware solutions used to measure and analyze neck mobility and movement control. The company is built from leading experts in the field of surgical assessments and has published over 40 papers in established scientific journals.

Using a headset equipped with an Xsens DOT sensor, a patient’s movement data is analyzed using Neckcare’s ‘Necksmart’ reporting software, providing objective data to surgeons and physical therapists. Neckcare’s CEO, Thorsteinn Geirsson explained to us how the Xsens DOT development platform integrated seamlessly with the company’s Necksmart software solution.

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The evolution of Neckcare

Neckcare has been in operation for over 10 years, starting out with its own sensor technology and headset. During the company’s growth and development, Neckcare began looking for a third-party sensor technology to provide a high level of motion tracking data. After testing multiple sensors and optical solutions alongside its own hardware, the Xsens DOT sensor came out on top as the most accurate sensor on the market. Also, the intuitive development platform made it easy to work with our analysis tool.

“When we tested the Xsens DOT sensor there was little to no deviation in the accuracy of the data provided. Integration with our Necksmart software was also seamless, taking only a few days to attain complete functionality. Instead of requiring a Bluetooth dongle in the laptop to connect the sensor and software, the Xsens DOT sensor can connect directly to the computer’s browser application, making the process easier for patients and professionals,” said Thorsteinn.Neckcare_Software_Showing (2)

The compact design of the Xsens DOT sensor has allowed Neckcare to create a new, low-cost, headset with added flexibility that improves the comfort of the patient being assessed. With the headset in place, the patient can perform instructed movements while the Xsens DOT sensor tracks 2D and 3D angles and interprets the speed of movement relating to the cervical spine.

The company’s analysis software, Necksmart, takes this data and creates reports in a matter of seconds. Each report is separated and logged depending on the movement performed allowing the headset to capture and organize multiple readings simultaneously. The software is entirely cloud-based and can be accessed by the medical professional, the patient, and Neckcare’s dedicated service team remotely. Using this system with the wireless DOT sensor, patients can even perform movements in their own home, with the data available on the cloud.

Transforming rehabilitation and surgery

Neckcare prides itself on taking an entirely scientific, objective approach to neck movement assessment, providing cutting-edge experts in the medical field with data that enhances their ability to treat patients. The neck and cervical spine are the hardest areas of the body to accurately treat and diagnose, and due to the huge risks associated with severe injury, precision is key to successful rehabilitation. Neckcare_customer

“Our primary client base is medical professionals – physiotherapists, doctors, and surgeons. Because our software is based on years of scientific research, we’ve continually adjusted Necksmart to provide the most accurate movement data and diagnostic reporting possible. The range of applications is quite incredible, surgeons can drastically improve their ability to perform complex operations due to the level of insight available, and patients can start rehabilitation treatment based on hard science,” Thorsteinn explained.

Neckcare’s team of experts also assists in the interpretation and analysis of data, helping medical professionals and patients build the most optimal rehabilitation program. Patients suffering from whiplash, general neck pain, and serious sports injuries can all benefit tremendously from analysis using the Xsens DOT data and Necksmart’s analysis, aiding in the recovery and prevention of long-term injury.


Moving forward

In the future, Neckcare is aiming to build an AI neural network built from the objective movement data of patients. By using accurate movement data from the Xsens DOT sensor, the tool will be able to correct a patient’s movement patterns in real-time with audio-visual feedback. This means patients will have access to high-level data, regardless of the healthcare professional available to them.NeckcareDOT

Neckcare’s new Xsens DOT headset will be available to users worldwide in the near future, helping transform the lives of patients in need of dedicated physical care. Read more about the incredible range of successful applications in healthcare, sports, and education building with Xsens DOT on our website.


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