6th July 2015

Xsens is participating in AWESCO (Airborne Wind Energy System Modelling, Control and Optimisation). AWESCO combines six interdisciplinary academic and four industrial network partners with seven associated partners, all selected on the basis of excellence and complementarity. The idea of Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) is to replace the most efficient part of a conventional wind turbine, the tip of the rotor blade, by a fast flying high efficiency kite.

AWESCO is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Initial Training Network funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 Framework Program and by the Swiss federal government. The network connects twelve European academic and industrial partners who have joined forces to collaboratively train young researchers in the area of airborne wind energy. AWESCO was launched in January 2015 with a duration of 4 years with a total funding volume of 3.4 M Euro. The research programme addresses the present key challenges of airborne wind energy technologies with the aim of supporting the commercialization in Europe.

More about AWESCO can be found on the project website:


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