Customer case
Customer case

4th March 2013

Founded in 1983, Gavap is a company that specializes in simulation systems and equipment for firing instruction and training.

The company recently developed an artillery observer simulator for the army. As part of this project, simulated binoculars provide a 360-degree field of view of a vast 3D generated world, where combat exercises take place. To do this, GAVAP integrated MTi* (Xsens) inertial measurement units in each pair of binoculars. These sensors provide the accurate orientation needed to stabilize vision when zooming up to 8X. The selection criteria included ease of installation, handling and maintenance.


gavap3 GAVAP

Gavap's products are developed and finalized in close collaboration with its clients. The constant challenge of aligning user requirements and industrial capacities results in equipment that give excellent value for money.

* The MTi-30 and MTi-300 AHRS products can both be used (and interchanged) in applications where 3D orientation is required. Depending on the accuracy needed and budget available, the cost-effective 10-series or the high-performance 100-series is the preferred choice.

The MTi-30 is discontinued now. As a replacement we offer two AHRS options: MTi-630 and the MTi-630R (rugged).  Find out more about these products:


Product page MTi-630 AHRS

Product page MTi-630R AHRS

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