Customer case
Customer case

3rd October 2019

Feedback Support System is an auxiliary system for training operators of construction equipment. The project is sponsored by SOMA College in Harderwijk, the Netherlands under the supervision of University of Twente. At SOMA College, there are several training sites in which students operate with real construction equipment while a teacher is supervising them.

The teacher may overlook the possible mistake of a student while he/she is focusing on other students. Feedback Support System captures and records the motion of the construction equipment in the sites and it visualizes the motion data later for the teacher in a 3D game environment. So, the teacher can safely view the performance of the student in 3D from any angle of view.

The system also analyzes the performance to guide the teacher for viewing only import periods of the training program that a student may make a mistake during those periods.

A prototype of Feedback Support System is implemented at University of Twente to capture the motion of an excavator as an example of construction equipment. In this prototype, three Xsens MTi-3-8A7G6-DK IMUs are employed to measure the rotation of the boom, the stick, and the bucket of the excavator as shown below:


It is really important that the IMUs have a robust measurement while mounting on the excavator due to high electromagnetic noises generated by the equipment. Moreover, a training program lasts about four hours in which the IMUs must have very small drifting error while measuring the rotation otherwise, the equipment pose won’t be the same as the real pose eventually. Fortunately, the Xsens IMUs by hiring embedded digital filtering provides a robust measurement without any significant drifting error in this project.

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