Customer case
Customer case

22nd July 2013

In 2012 Marlboro did the Secrets Tour across 14 cities in Russia. In each location an event was organized including many interesting activities using new and innovative technology. They also included live entertainment using the Xsens MVN motion capture system. A dancer was wearing the Xsens mocap suit while she did her performance on stage to pump up the crowd.

The whole concept of the Secrets Tour was developed and executed by Sila Sveta, a company which organizes interactive events. Alyona Danilova of was in charge of the Xsens suit and Unity avatars during the tour. "It was great to participate in an innovative project like the Marlboro Secrets Tour", she says.



The tour was a big success, all the events were sold out and the crowd was amazed with all the new technology at the shows. With this tour Sila Sveta set the next step in live entertainment!


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