Customer case
Customer case

20th March 2014

Brigham Young University (BYU) offers two degrees in the area of Animation: a BFA in Animation, and a BS Animation Emphasis Degree in Computer Science. The goal of these programs is to provide students with both the artistic and technical skills necessary to succeed in the animation, live action, VFX, and game industries. Each year, the senior class creates a five­ minute short film in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.

Motion Capture workflow:

The 2013, College Television Award‐winner film entitled Owned has been a groundbreaking film for BYU in many respects. One aspect new to BYU was the use of motion capture. With the help from volunteer mentor Robin Conover, owner of Animation Training Academy, a small team of students was able to successfully use the Xsens MVN inertial system for the two video game characters in the film.

In order to obtain a feel similar to classic, side-scrolling fighter games, each individual move was captured separately and later pieced together into the desired fight sequence. This made it easy to reuse common punch, kick, and hit moves. All of the data was captured in a single day, and the final sequence was produced in just a few short months.

Motion capture shoot footage:

The use of motion capture was a fun and educational experience for everyone involved. It gave students the opportunity to gain experience with the same technology used by professional VFX and animation studios.

BYU Center for Animation Motion Capture Team:
Robin Conover
Susan Hatton
Brian Kingery
Haylie Shaw
Christina Skyles

Josh Cotton

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