Customer case
Customer case

14th December 2015

FATface is a VFX studio established since 2004 in Hong Kong. Clients of FATface are in different fields such as feature film, TV Commercials and animation. In 2014 FATface got critically acclaimed for their short VIRTUS, also featuring Xsens technology.

In September the cinematic trailer for the mobile game War 1937 was released, produced by FATface for Apps1010. Apps1010 is a Hong Kong based app development team that designed a new mobile game. They were looking for a impactful cinematic teaser to promote the launch of their mobile game.

Watch the making of the War 1937 trailer:

"This was an exciting project for our team. We love games and game cinematic and we were longing for the chance to create a game trailer. When we first met with Apps1010 to understand the project, we are immediately interested to participate. The sexy character design stands out, because most projects prefer something conservative, especially in Hong Kong. It was a rare chance to work with an open minded client"

Benson Poon, producer at FATface Production

The project is directed by FATface director Chas Chau and since they were looking for realistic motion style, they choose the Xsens motion capture system again. It provide them a convenient and flexible way to do the motion capture. The motion capture was done in different sessions. First they captured the main character in one day with a known television actress to ensure the body actions were spot on. Then the other characters were captured their own studio. FATface would just pick up the Xsens suit whenever they needed and within minutes new motions were added to the production.


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