13th September 2018

Maybe you remember the viral, tear-jerking and emotional campaign 'Love Has No Labels'. In this Emmy Award-winning ad, made by Ad Council, R/GA and MindRide, dancing and kissing X-ray images are revealed to be actual people of different races, genders, religions and ages. The message? Love has no labels! This Throwback Thursday, we are looking back on this endearing campaign!

The 'X-rays' you see in the video are not actually X-ray images, but animations created with the help of Xsens MVN. Performed live on the street, animated and projected straight onto the screen. People are visibly shocked and amazed by what is happening in front of them, how is that possible?!

In the video below, Yehuda Duenyas (Chief Creative Officer of Mindride) and several other people talk about how they produced the ad and the challenges they faced. “When we started looking into different motion capture equipment, the only real solution that we came across was a system put together by Xsens. 17 trackers, they're not that big, you can hide them under clothes, no big deal" says Michael Todd (Technical Lead of Mindride). Duenyas: "... And also to be able to deliver it live, because that was really the underlying premise of what we were trying to do, to deliver this experience totally live, no post-production, we're doing everything on site, everything in the moment"
Fun detail: did you spot the Xsens trackers and the live replication of Yehuda Duenyas' own movements behind him on the screen?

If you are interested in a more in-depth explanation of the technology behind this video, you can read the customer case we wrote back in 2016 here. We are very proud that we were able to contribute to this campaign and are still enjoying it to this day. We hope you do too!

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