12th September 2016

The ad "Love Has No Labels", by Ad Council, R/GA and MindRide won a prestigious Emmy Award. The award was won in the 'outstanding commercial' category, with nominees Gatorade, Snickers, Honda and Google.

Chris Northam, group executive creative director at R/GA about the technical aspect of "Love Has No Labels":
“From the moment we decided the effect was going to be captured live, it was a challenge. We needed our cast to be able to just be themselves and have the 3D skeletons models react instantly to their movement. Many options were considered and tested. In the end we opted for a motion capture [Xsens MVN] approach similar to movies like Avatar. Our cast wore small motion capture sensors. In fact if you look closely you can see them on the wrists, ankles and necks of our cast throughout the film. Actually the effect was so convincing in the end there were a number of online comments complaining about the amount of radiation such a large X-ray machine must be generating.” - SHOOTonline

More details on the motion capture technology in this making of video:

Full story on the tech behind "Love Has No Lables"


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