30th November 2017

Four years ago we were shocked when we saw the trailer for ‘Grudge Match’. Not because of the story, or because we saw our heroes Sylvester Stallone and Robert de Niro in one movie. No, because we immediately recognized the suits they were wearing in the box game scene. Yes, underneath the green suits, they were wearing the Xsens motion capture  systems.

They had to add a green suit and these ridiculous light bulbs to make sure the audience got it: they were doing motion capture. Otherwise, the scene wouldn’t make sense to the average viewer. And still, a big part of the audience did probably not notice the game on the screen was real-time data from Sylvester and Robert. They were doing real-time motion capture on the set.

The short scene where you see Sylvester wearing our headband has become epic in our office. The one time we see this big screen hero wearing our suit and showing off our brand, he is wearing it up-side-down. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done on purpose. But until this day, if we see someone wearing the headband up-side-down, we say: ‘You are doing it the Stallone way’ (or in Dutch: ‘een Stallone-tje’).


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