9th June 2020

Following a decline in coronavirus cases, Japan lifted its state of emergency in late May. In response to this, businesses, museums, schools and shops have slowly started to reopen and resume operation. 

In light of this, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) announced it would be reopening its amusement park in Osaka City, starting with a soft launch on June 8th (2020) and resuming general business on June 19th.

To formally announce the reopening and to inform and preparing patrons of the safety measures in place, USJ dancers launched a video across the official USJ social media channels introducing the "SocialDisDance" a play on "Social Distance", with a little help from Xsens motion capture technology.

USJ dancers used Xsens MVN suits in their own homes to perform the dance remotely. The captured data was collected and digitally transformed the dancers into full CG characters to show that fun can be had, whilst safety measures must be maintained.

The video has been viewed 3.2 million times on Twitter (at time of writing) and has received thousands of positive messages.

Check out the video below すばらしい!!



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