1st August 2018

Exciting times at Xsens!
This year we will release a new motion capture engine for Xsens’ proprietary mocap software for Xsens MVN and MVN BIOMECH. For now let’s call it ‘MVN 2018’, a working title until we are ready to release the new naming. 

It is a groundbreaking software release, a new fundamental approach in the software motion capture engine will make Xsens’ motion capture solutions immune to magnetic distortion (and abandon body segment drift).  Our beta users have already experienced the new level of quality and started to replace their old mocap tools with MVN.

Engadget already had a quick look at what is coming:


See what industry leaders are saying about this exciting new mocap revolution:

"We ordered a second suit pretty much the day after we spent some time with the beta software."

"The beta software is perfect, no more magnetic disturbance at all. We made 45 recordings in a factory environment and all of the records were flawless."

"I was really surprised with the performance. Looks like all the problems are now solved."

"We have been trying the real-time solver and it looks very promising”

"So this is raw data?”

"Yes, the last shot was pretty amazing. Both feet and hand contacts was really good. And the hip movement was really improved. The quality I’ve seen so far is good enough to use in production. Nice job!"



This blog is here to keep you updated on the progress and include you on all the news. We will be sharing development news, customer feedback, examples and any exciting new involving MVN 2018.

We are really excited, and we can’t wait to share all the good stuff.

More info on the following page

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