23rd November 2017

At Coventry University’s Centre for Mobility and Transport, research is centred around biomechanics – specifically the development of a revolutionary musculoskeletal modeling package.

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‘Biomechanics of Bodies’ – affectionately named BoB – can automatically analyse internal body loadings, energy expenditure, reaction force, joint contact force and more. However, to round off effective analysis, BoB also requires motion data: Xsens motion data.

The team at Coventry University has adopted Xsens technology, and can now use performance tracking MVN BIOMECH suits to capture instant, clean, accurate motion data. They simply clamp BOB onto Xsens and watch it go, almost instantly calculating the internal body loads at work in its research subjects. Coventry University was also featured in a vehicle ingress and egress customer case on our website. 

As a leading academic institution, Coventry University recently had the chance to test Xsens’ MVN beta, and had some feedback to give!

James Shippen, Principal Lecturer and Researcher:

We liked the previous system, and the new system is just as good. However, I will say the new system is much more robust, and the calibration is much more forgiving of any changes in stance or posture.



Choose Your Engine!

Our revolutionary new motion capture engine will make Xsens’ motion capture solutions immune to magnetic distortion and prevent body segment drift. It is time to choose your engine.

Xsens MVN Road Tour

To give you first-hand experience with the new engine, you can join the Xsens MVN Road Tour.


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