Customer case
Customer case

1st October 2018

The University of Calgary uses motion capture technology to provide insights into human performance, particularly the mechanisms of injury from a biomechanics perspective.

Now – thanks to the MVN beta – University of Calgary is free to record movement in even more environments, without having to consider magnetic interference or extreme environmental conditions.

For instance, one recent project surrounded motocross boot design, which used Xsens’ MVN BIOMECH systems to measure three-dimensional movement data on riders while they were traveling around a track on a dirt bike at 50+ km/h.



Researchers at the university had some exciting feedback to share regarding Xsens’ MVN beta and it suse on this project:

Ryan Madden, Research Development Associate at the University of Calgary:

“The development of Xsens’ new solver engine was a big update for this motocross project. With the sensors being so close to the engine of the bike, there was a significant amount of magnetic disturbance to account for and remove to clean the data."

 “Xsens worked with us every step of the way to ensure that their solver engine was working properly and that we were getting accurate motion data from the suit in all situations."

"Now, having already used the MVN beta successfully in such a challenging environment, gives us confidence that it will be able to handle anything we throw at it.”

Choose Your Engine!

Our revolutionary new motion capture engine will make Xsens’ motion capture solutions immune to magnetic distortion and prevent body segment drift. It is time to choose your engine.

Xsens MVN Road Tour

To give you first-hand experience with the new engine, you can join the Xsens MVN Road Tour.


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