3rd August 2018

As an independent AAA game developer, it’s essential that Avalanche Studios has a stable and reliable motion capture system on hand that can provide consistent, fast-turnaround of animation data at high quality. That’s why it turns to Xsens.

Indeed, for titles such as Mad Max and the incredibly popular Just Cause 3, Xsens MVN suits have more than proved their worth – in everything from hero prototyping to in-game anim1280px-Avalanche_Studios_logo.svg.pngation. They even were featured in Xsens' 2016 showreel.

The developers at Avalanche recently got their hands on the Xsens MVN beta…and immediately put in another order for more equipment, thrilled by the solution’s renewed potential for speeding up production while reducing costs.

Alex Damm, Animation Director at Avalanche Studios:

Before the Xsens beta was launched, every shoot would contain some interference. It was much harder to capture good data without having to spend a lot of time cleaning it up.

Now with the beta, our data is consistently good – great, even. We don’t have to worry about the location at all. In the past, if we had to do a large scale shoot, we’d be a lot more careful where we shot. We stayed away from rooms that could present a lot of magnetic interference, for example, which could really limit us sometimes.

Other than magnetic fixes, Xsens new post processing cuts down our clean up even further. Before, cleaning up took a lot of time, especially when you do a shoot for a narrative event that might be two minutes long in the game. But with the post processing now, you don't have to do that at all. Instead of spending three hours doing clean-up, you can pretty much just slap on a pose and export it into your game. That’s probably the most exciting thing with the new beta.


The solution to magnetic interference is amazing, but post processing in particular was a game changer.


Choose Your Engine!

Our revolutionary new motion capture engine will make Xsens’ motion capture solutions immune to magnetic distortion and prevent body segment drift. It is time to choose your engine.

Xsens MVN Road Tour

To give you first-hand experience with the new engine, you can join the Xsens MVN Road Tour.

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