9th September 2020

At Xsens we strongly believe the driving force behind our company’s success are the people who work there. We are a company that takes pride in having a diverse team of colleagues with different backgrounds and strengths.

We would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes by shining a light on the #peopleofxsens. This time the passionate colleagues from our Technical Support Team have the floor.


003J7438-bewerkt-bewerktKatie Jo Turk, Product Specialist 3D Character Animation (USA)

Katie Jo is a California girl, very liberal, Vegan since February 2020, she reads Tarot, and she has been in the MoCap industry for ten years. If she had a time travel machine, she would study ecology and conservation science and devote her life to saving the planet from climate change.   

How would you summarize your role?

My role is understanding every facet of our character animation tools and using that knowledge to give our customers the absolute best experience of Xsens. 

What do you personally enjoy most about working at Xsens?

What I enjoy most at Xsens is our customers. Most of our customers are people I've worked with in the past and it feels like working with friends every day. 

How would you describe working at Xsens in 5 words?

Working at Xsens is fun!


Steven Gies editSteven Gies, Field Application Engineer Inertial Sensor Modules (EMEA)

Steven graduated from the University of Twente in 2017 and stayed to live in Enschede, together with his girlfriend. He has been playing table tennis since he was 7 and enjoys travelling, music and a good beer.

How would you summarize your role?
Xsens Motion Trackers are small, but complex products. My job primarily consists of supporting our customers and partners in the EMEA region on all things technical: Software, hardware, firmware, algorithms, etc. This can be via phone or e-mail, but also on-site or through webinars. Next to that I gather feedback from our customers and other market information in order to further improve our products. That all requires close collaboration with our sales and marketing, product management, engineering and technology teams.

 What made you apply for a position at Xsens?
During my study I already got in touch with Xsens twice: once during my Bachelor’s assignment for which I used an Xsens Motion Tracker, and once during a study tour where I met with the founders of Xsens in California. I liked the products, the technology and especially the wide range of applications, and so I didn’t hesitate to apply for the position of Field Application Engineer.

How would you describe working at Xsens in 5 words?
Open, diverse, global, active, exciting.


901B4091-bewerktAlessandro Bonfiglio, Application Engineer Wearable Sensors

Alessandro joined Xsens after completing his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and now lives in the vibrant city of Enschede. He is passionate about sports and has competed as a rower for over a decade

What are your main responsibilities?
My main responsibilities are providing pre-sales and post-sales support to customers worldwide and provide market feedback to the business management team.

Tell us more about your career path at Xsens thus far
As a young graduate, I joined Xsens with little prior working experience and soon became passionate about my new job. As a young and dynamic company, Xsens offers plenty of opportunities for progressing in multiple roles.

How would you describe working at Xsens in 5 words?
Enthusiastic, fun, impactful, rewarding, vibrant


Are you interested to know more about a position on our Technical Support team? Please contact our Recruiter, Susan Bakker, via susan.bakker@xsens.com for more information.


Stay tuned for more “behind the scenes” information about the #peopleofxsens!

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