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A team of four. With two weeks. To crack one challenge.

Can you use your expertise in biomechanics, data and analysis to find the winning solution?


Pit yourselves against fellow universities, start-ups and companies from around the world, while networking with your peers.


About the Movella Biomechanics Challenge

For who is the challenge?

The challenge is open to anyone who is interested in biomechanics and wants to take their skills to a next level. It will particularly suit master and PhD students in the area of biomechanics, physiotherapy, engineering, computer science and sport science.

How many people can make up a team?

Up to four people can form a team. They can also add a mentor. The mentor will guide the participants during the project. So, it makes sense to appoint a mentor with scientific experience in the subject (e.g. a professor or someone with experience of developing innovative solutions).

What are the prizes?

First prize: The winning team  receives an Awinda starter kit, with an Awinda docking station and one-year of a Xsens Analyze license. Also, a €5,000 development award, can be giving to the winning team to further develop the project started in the challenge.  The prize is given jointly to the four members of the winning team.


Second prize: The second-place team receive an Awinda starter kit, with an Awinda docking station and six months of a Xsens Analyze license.


Third prize: The third-place team receive a DOT kit with a charging station.


At the end of the event to all finalist will be given the opportunity to enjoy a one day in the Movella office to follow some of our employees and get to know what projects we do internally. 

Can the participants in the challenge earn academic credits (ECTs)?

We contact several universities that guarantee us to provide academic credits to the students who participate in the challenge. Examples of these universities are: University of Twente, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Groningen. If your university does not, you can still take your certification of completion and the challenge case study document to your graduate school, to discuss the possibilities for accreditation.



Official partner: University of Trento


The University of Trento is the main partner of the Movella Biomechanics Challenge 2023. Together, we will define the concrete parameters each team needs to compute and which topics need to be discussed to solve the case study.


The Winter Olympic Games of 2026 will be hosted in Trento, and fortunately, with the University of Trento's collaboration, we could measure elite cross-country athletes. This challenge is a unique and valuable opportunity for us to bring the challenge to the next level and for you to contribute to this worldwide sports event.

Biomechanics challenge 2023


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Check out the resources page for new information.

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Find out who is part of the jury committee that will evaluate projects of the Biomechanics Challenge 2023.

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Watch the finals of the Biomechanics Challenge 2022.


The challenge kicks off with a webinar to reveal the details. Participants will then receive all of the materials via email, and will have two weeks to develop and deliver their entry.

One week into the challenge, there will be a technical training session to immerse participants in inertial motion capture technology and allow them to ask questions.

After the evaluation and selection of the finalists, shortlisted teams will present their projects to the jury committee via a webinar. This webinar is open to anyone to attend.

12 January

Registration opens

6 March

Registration closes

9 March

Kick-off webinar: learn your challenge

16 March

Technical training: immerse yourself in inertial motion capture technology

23 March

Submit your report

27-31 March

Jury evaluates entries

6 April

Final presentation (for shortlisted entrants)

13 April

Winners announced

Winners: Biomechanics Challenge 2023