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Vertical takeoff drone at dusk

Drones and motion tracking

With increased demand for industrial-grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – from film and video production to agriculture, surveillance, and energy – we’re seeing a steady rise in global demand for Movella motion tracking systems. And we’re ready to meet that demand.

MTi-1- sensor

What’s up with drone applications?

Industrial-grade drones often require highly accurate sensing components to navigate, control, and stabilize, and for geotagging observations made from the air. Additionally, these sensors need to:


  • Offer high data output rates at a low latency;

  • Be small, lightweight and offer a low power consumption

  • Be compatible with other on-board hardware


Additionally, drones often operate at high speeds, including quick turns and accelerations. Sensors therefore also need to be reliable and responsive.


How Xsens technology can help

With the range of GNSS receivers expanding all the time, an inertial sensor module that will easily slot into place is preferred. Xsens sensor modules support a wide range of customers in this field, many of them with the MTi-1 series. Weighing in at less than one gram, the MTi-1 is the smallest inertial measurement unit (IMU) on the market today.


The surveyor’s friend


Exciting new drone design from ATMOS UAV achieves millimeter-level accuracy thanks to Xsens motion sensor.

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Featured drone products

Our Motion Tracker Industrial-grade (MTi) product series is based on over 10 years of research and development, hands-on experience, and innovative drive – and comes with global 24/7 tech support. The range of our sensor modules offers exceptional data accuracy and precision, plug and play configurability, and the market’s best performance-to-price ratio.