20th January 2021

DOT packaging cSummary:

The Movella DOT Wearable Sensor platform is the new generation of cost efficient inertial motion trackers
featuring lightweight design, Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) connectivity and robust sensor fusion algorithms
to provide accurate data for human movement applications. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided
to facilitate the development of mobile applications based on the available output data, thereby allowing
developers to easily integrate the Movella DOT into a wide range of solutions. Robust algorithms such as
Strap Down Integration (SDI) and the sensor fusion framework Xsens Kalman Filter (XKF) Core; run onboard the Movella DOT to provide the highest level of accuracy in orientation estimates and to minimize
the effects of magnetic distortion. XKF Core combined with robust synchronization processes therefore
allow real-time and offline analysis of human kinematics with single or multiple body-mounted motion
trackers. The combined information of multiple trackers is perfectly suited for solutions that aim to provide
biomechanical analysis in their end product. Biomechanical parameters such as joint angles play a key role
in human movement analysis both in rehabilitation and sport applications. This white paper describes the
key characteristics of the Movella DOT wearable sensor platform and provides a performance analysis of the
Movella DOT used in a multi sensor set-up to calculate the knee joint angle. Overall, the analysis confirms
that the Movella DOT wearable sensor platform enables reliable and accurate results in the outputs of these
joint angles.


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