Press release
Press release

18th January 2012

ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands, - January 18th 2012 - Xsens, the leader in professional 3D tracking systems, today announced that it has joined the Siemens Solution Partner Program to provide its motion capture solution for the Jack™ software ergonomics package, a part of the Tecnomatix® software family of digital manufacturing solutions.

Xsens, the world market leader in inertial motion tracking technology, has partnered with Siemens PLM Software to enable the quick and easy integration of its highly accurate human motion data capture solution with the world-class Jack software package. Jack allows manufacturers to address the ergonomic aspects of products and production processes in the early stages of design and development, thus improving safety, efficiency and comfort.

Erik Wilbrink, VP Sales & Marketing manager at Xsens, has high expectations of this partnership for the world of ergonomics. “The unique capability of capturing real human motion data for use in simulated environments, using MVN BIOMECH, can significantly improve the ease and accuracy of ergonomics analysis and speed up design processes.”

MVN BIOMECH is a 3D human motion capture suit containing 17 motion trackers based on inertial sensing technology. The use of Xsens sensor fusion algorithms and biomechanical models results in highly accurate 3D human motion reproduction, including the kinematics of 23 body segments and 22 joints.

Importing this data into Jack enables realistic task analysis of real humans carrying out real movements. MVN BIOMECH can be easily transported in a compact suitcase. Its mobile nature ensures it can be used anywhere: on an assembly line, on a factory floor, in tight spaces like a car or an airplane, as well as in the great outdoors, without the need for simulated environments or additional equipment.

“As the world’s number one supplier of digital manufacturing software, we are always looking for partners like Xsens to deliver high quality solutions to complement our Tecnomatix offering,” said Zvi Feuer, senior vice president and general manager, Manufacturing Engineering Software Business Segment, Siemens PLM Software. “The integration of MVN BIOMECH further expands the motion capture options available to our customers. Solutions like these are a key part of how we help companies make smarter decisions for better products.”

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