27th February 2013

The English Institute of Sport (EIS), established in May 2002, is an organization which provides sport science and medical support services to elite athletes through a nationwide network of expertise and facilities. The main goal of the EIS is to support Olympic and Paralympic summer and winter sports.

MTw Awinda allows the EIS to analyze the performance of athletes at their training fields, which avoids the limitations of a lab environment completely. The system provides automatically a full set of 3D kinematics which helps the EIS to quantify the performance of the athletes, accurately identify deficiencies and plan individual training programs accordingly.

Dr Philip Graham-Smith (Technical lead for Biomechanics, EIS) states:
"As a provider of biomechanical support to World Class athletes in the UK, we have found that the Xsens 3D motion capture provides us with a fast and effective solution to meet the demands of high performance sport. The system provides us with the ability to analyse athletes in their natural environment, on the most appropriate surfaces, with unrestricted movement and with immediate feedback of performance. We believe that the Xsens system will help us to revolutionise the delivery of biomechanical services to our athletes."

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