10th January 2017

Xsens has released the MT Software Suite 4.7 for the MTi 1-series, 10-series and 100-series, including the MTi-G-710.

ICC: In-Run Compass Calibration 
MT Software Suite 4.7 has several exciting features, including the new In-Run Compass Calibration (ICC). In-run Compass Calibration is a way to calibrate for magnetic distortions present in the sensor operation environment using an on-board algorithm leaving out the need for a host processor like a PC.
As it is a new feature, any feedback on how ICC works in your particular application would be greatly appreciated.

More features
Other features include an optimized Gyro Bias Estimation algorithm and a new filter profile for the MTi-G-710 (High Performance EDR).

You can download the MT Software Suite 4.7, including the Xsens Firmware Updater from our website.

Release notes
The release notes for MT Software Suite 4.7 are available on BASE.


MT Software Suite download page


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