7th April 2016

The Xsens MVN Analyze is featured on the main Russian Sport Channel Match TV. They host several Sport Science programs that go deep inside different sports. Recently a episode aired involving Handball.

(To see the MVN Analyze in action, skip to 18:45)

During episodes they explain the rules of the game, talk about the equipment used for the game and for training, analyze the performance of the athletes and generally discuss interesting aspects of the game.

In this particular episode about handball, they put accelerometers on the head of a mannequin to analyze the harm a ball can cause to the goalkeeper or player. Xsens MVN Analyze was used to analyse how athlete the athlete's throw. It clearly shows when throwing a ball, the athlete uses not only his hand but his whole body.

All the science analyzing was done by our partner in Russia, InnoSport and the Biomech Labaratory of Far Eastern Federal University.


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