28th February 2022

The latest MVN Animate release gives you faster processing and more creative freedom.

Most exciting highlights

  • Up to 50% Faster HD Reprocessing
  • Improved Xsens MotionCloud integration and workflow for MVN Processing
  • MVN Animate Plus now allows connecting 2 systems
  • Easier and faster “On-the-go” calibration
  • Xsens Gloves by Manus enabled for MVN Record

And an extra surprise:


Release highlights

Faster HD Reprocessing
The unprecedented HD Reprocessing is a lot faster. The processing speed is up to 50% faster.

Improved MotionCloud integration and workflow
It is now much easier to upload, download or delete MotionCloud files in MVN Animate. With the updated processing speed, MVN Processing in MotionCloud is similarly faster.

Connect and stream 2 characters with MVN Animate Plus
We have upgraded our MVN Animate Plus software so you can connect and stream two systems (MVN Link or MVN Awinda). This gives you the ability to have (live) multi-actor mocap sessions.

Easier and faster “On-the-go” calibration
The calibration process has been updated to make it more intuitive, easier, and faster. You can easily calibrate yourself or help someone calibrate guided by new audio cues (in 4 supported languages).

Xsens Gloves by Manus enabled for MVN Record
The Xsens Gloves by Manus are now enabled in our freshly renamed MVN Record (previously “MVN Basic”) software. Now you can record full-body motion capture in MVN Record. HD reprocess and export the files through Xsens MotionCloud to get the best quality data.


MVN Processing in Xsens MotionCloud sparks collaboration

This is the first major update for the Xsens MotionCloud platform since its introduction earlier this year. We have noticed new collaboration forms in-game, film, and other applications. The story of RIFT by Haz Dulull is one of them, he uses MVN Processing in MotionCloud to collaborate with his international team.

MVN Processing

HD Reprocessing gives you the best quality motion capture data available in the market. The data is processed using our proprietary HD Reprocessing Engine and takes the motion capture data to a whole new level of accuracy and smoothness. With MVN Processing in Xsens MotionCloud you have the power of HD Reprocessing in the cloud giving you maximum flexibility without compromising local processing power.

Use MVN Processing in Xsens MotionCloud without boundaries

With this update, there are no more boundaries for uploading and processing motion capture files in Xsens MotionCloud. This means you can use MVN Processing in the cloud as much as you need. There are no more tiers based on the processed data per month.

Try it with a 14-days trial

All new Xsens customers receive a 14 days trial to get acquainted with Xsens MotionCloud and the updated workflow. If you like to work with MotionCloud, you can request a 14-days trial here.

Together with the easier workflow in MVN Animate, Xsens MotionCloud is a powerful tool for animators.

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