Customer case
Customer case

18th October 2018

Researchers within the University of Alabama’s Capstone College of Nursing are currently exploring the overall health, safety, and wellness indicators among workers of various occupations. In order to help them achieve optimal results, they have recently added Xsens MVN to their research tools.

Our current research examines body composition, exercise history, mental and physical indicators of health, and qualitative responses to data behaviors and trends. As investigators, we perform motion capture and numerous other biomechanical studies on workers, and are excited about the capabilities the Xsens system brings into their wellness center research.

The addition of the Xsens MVN Analyze will allow wellness data to expand from the traditional biometric markers that are critical to employee wellness, to also incorporate the basic movement patterns incorporated on the job site. This can contribute to a risk for injury and/or discomfort for an employee. In collaboration with the Athletic Training and Kinesiology departments on the campus of The University of Alabama, we will use the Xsens system to enhance our research to promote the health and well-being of individuals within our campus, local communities, state, and beyond.


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