29th May 2015

University of Ljubljana – Professor Matej Supej

The University of Ljubljana, with Matej Supej as leading professor, is exploring the possibilities of sports science using motion capture. To capture a full body movement of the entire ski jump is something that has never done before, as measuring human motions in midair is a challenge.

Matej took on this challenge using the MVN Analyze Link. One of the first challenges was to have a stable connection between the MVN Analyze suit and MVN Studio, but using the WIFI access point located at the coaches’tower, he could setup a stable connection throughout the complete ski jump trajectory. Next to that it was very important to have a comfortable and minimal invasive suit so the ski jumper can jump in his natural way and have correct measurements.

All the data was captured over the full jump, but primarily the angular velocities of the knee and hip, joint angle of the ankles and overall posture were analyzed. Using this automatically generated kinematic data, it was possible to assess the technique and thus the performance of the ski jumper.

The MVN Analyze Link raised the level of performing measurements in the athlete’s natural high dynamic habitat with minimal effort in setting up the system, but minimal post processing time as well. All of this resulted in the first full body motion capture of an entire ski jump ever.


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