21st June 2017

At E3 we spoke to Engadget about our motion capture suits and the recent major breakthrough. Xsens showed how we made the impossible possible by overcoming magnetic distortion for inertial motion capture. Engadget was one of the first to understand the magnitude of this breakthrough.

Why is this so fundamental to inertial motion capture?

Xsens’ inertial mocap solutions are powered by sensor fusion technology, using input from gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers. As such, Xsens MVN suits enable motion capture without the need for cameras, stages, or sticky balls.

So why doesn’t everyone use it? Because there’s an achilles heel: magnetic distortion from the environment corrupts captured data, necessitating a whole lot of clean-up.

So what's the breakthrough?
Xsens has overcome the effects of magnetic distortion on inertial motion capture data. This groundbreaking development enables inertial motion capture anywhere, anytime, with clean, production quality, reliable data – and all without the need for a volume or sensor cameras! It’s like building an electric car that can match a gasoline-powered vehicle mile-for-mile.

The technology breakthrough was exclusively made available to some leading Triple-A studios and the reactions were very excited:

“Xsens’ ability to overcome magnetic distortion allows us the flexibility to capture accurate performance data in a whole range of new situations, with the accuracy of optical capture. That’s invaluable for our work on live virtual performance at Senua Studio, where stability in uncontrolled settings is crucial. This is a tremendous step forwards for the mocap industry.”
Ninja Theory, developer of Hellblade and Xsens beta tester

Read the full engadget article here


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