6th July 2016

Students of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), members of the University's rowing team and their coach took part in the experiment for evaluating the level of technical preparation of sportsmen. In the biomech laboratory of the University they analyzed data both from experienced and inexperienced rowers on a rowing machine.

The measurement was carried out using the Xsens MVN Analyze system. MVN BIOMECH is Xsens' 3D kinematic suit with 17 sensors, measuring and analyzing the movement of the human body. Miniature trackers with high precision data catch subtle and highly dynamic body movement.

The study involved inexperienced student rowers and the coach of the national team, two-time Olympic finalist, multiple winner of the World Championships, Honored Master of Sports, Albina Ligachev. As explained by the Head of the Laboratory Sergey Popik, the rowing data of Albina Ligacheva will be the benchmark. Comparing data with her rowing data allows an objective and accurate assessment of the level of technical rowing skills.

"For us, this study is very relevant and important, as currently the rowing team of the University is in the stage of training. The system will help to detect technical errors that are difficult to identify visually. Thanks to Xsens' technology, we identify the flaws in the technique of sportsmen movements and correcting them in a timely manner in preparation for the upcoming competitions, which will be the World Cup qualifiers." said Albina Ligachev.

This scientific project was done with the help our partner in Russia, InnoSport.

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