Customer case
Customer case

2nd December 2014

The RIF e.V. - Institute for research and transfer in Dortmund was established in 1990 to contribute to interdisciplinary and industry-related research. A current research project carried out by RIF is MANUSERV. The idea of this project is to develop systematics allowing enterprises to analyse manual work processes in order to derive a suitable level of automation based on their specific requirements and targets. Thus, especially solutions that include service robotics supporting humans in hybrid work systems need to be taken into account.

MVN BIOMECH will be utilized to obtain findings on human machine interaction (HMI). Based on the motion capturing hardware as well as the MVN Studio software, motion studies will be performed to adapt and refine a digital model of a human. Thereby, especially the 3D Output data, the great variety of export formats and the integrability to in-house developments for digital human modelling and robot offline simulation as well as Siemens Jack/Process Simulate will be of great benefit. Making use of the highly accurate 3D character visualization, the developed model will be utilized within simulations of hybrid work processes with direct human robot collaboration.

The described research project is funded within the german “Autonomik für Industrie 4.0” program with grants from the Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). We would like to thank our industrial partners GEA, ICARUS, JUNG and KHS for their valuable input and contributions.


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