Customer case
Customer case

11th September 2014

Pixelhunters is based in Dubai with creative teams in both United Arab Emirates and Bulgaria. They are specialized in creative 3D design, animations, visual effects and post-production services. In 2013 Pixelhunters introduced the Xsens MVN sytem in their pipeline and one of the first projects was an animated video for the game The Zombies.

Behind the scenes footage at the Pixelhunters office:

For game provider Amaya, Pixelhunters made an animated video for the game The Zombies showing a funky zombie family fighting the zombie apocalypse. Game trailers and 3D animated videos prove to be one of the largest markets for motion capture. With game trailers and intro's Iliya Atanasov, studio and art director of Pixelhunters, aims to entertain their client’s target audience by giving them a hint of what to expect in the game. The use of Xsens MVN for motion capture makes the entire animation process a lot easier, especially because Pixelhunters wanted to create the characters more realistic.

The Zombies cinematic video:


Pixelhunters continues to produce quality and fun results through performance capture. In this vision, it considers Xsens a part of its drive towards meeting the demands for motion capture in both entertainment and marketing. Pixelhunters aims to make creative outputs in a more efficient way for its international audience.

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