Customer case
Customer case

28th May 2018

Founded in 2011 by the husband and wife team of Stephen and Pamela Marshall, Five Finger Studios originally began with mobile games for iOS and was quickly featured by Apple. They soon realized that Virtual Reality was their true calling, and, in 2016, they started work on their current VR game, the story-driven shooter The Days After.



Clean data
Because The Days After contains multiple characters, animations were a must. While many different motion capture animations were attempted, none could capture the data needed for the game. The data they captured wasn't clean enough, and this in turn caused a lot of time spent cleaning up animations. Other mocap systems were not portable, and that was essential for the type of animations they needed to record. That was when Five Finger Studios reached out to Xsens.

Simple workflow
The Xsens MVN motion capture system provided portability and the simplest way to get quality animations into the game quickly. The workflow is simple: Just put on the suit, record the animation, and import it into Unity. It's instantly ready to be applied to any character. Being a small team, this quick and easy process was exactly what they needed to maintain efficiency and really bring their characters to life. With Xsens, they can create unique animations without limitations.

The Days After
VR game The Days After will be available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Find out more about The Days After, including their teaser and upcoming alpha release date at Five Finger Studios.

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