Customer case
Customer case

10th November 2016

Boss Key Productions is a video game development studio based in Raleigh, NC. Boss Key is founded by game veterans Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee. The developers are among the best in the industry, with credits on some of gaming’s most notable titles. Their first project will be LawBreakers, a first-person shooter.

One of the challenges that Boss Key faces is to produce high level triple-A content with a very small team.

Watch: Biggest Mocap Challenge - Boss Key Productions



LawBreaker is a realistic game with realistic characters so it is very important the motions stay realistic. With a small team, that is very time consuming to animate by hand. By using motion capture this could be done a lot quicker.

Being a small but nimble team brings a lot of flexibility and adjustments in a short period of time. Doing a large scale motion capture shoot was not an option as they wanted to be agile and have the luxury to make changes and prototypes constantly.

The Xsens MVN motion capture system gives Boss Key this flexibility. They are not dependent on a motion capture studio as they can mocap right in the office. The animators can just step in the suit, record the motion, put in the game and see the results later that day. It gives them the chance to make recordings when they need it, without having to plan ahead.

You can sign up for alpha testing LawBreakers, the release date will be communicated soon.


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