Customer case
Customer case

1st August 2014

Together with Tarka Systems a data monitoring system for the Barge Master T700 and T40 was developed. The tailor made system was built with the following components:

  • Xsens Motion Tracker (MTi 10-series or MTi 100-series)
  • Battery pack
  • Power control system
  • Data acquisition module
  • Housing (handheld, portable or permanent installation)

Barge Master T40 video:

Barge Master

Barge Master develops and produces motion compensated platforms for the marine and offshore industry, solving the age-old problem of vessel motions during offshore installation work. By measuring the heave, roll and pitch, and by controlling the counteractive motion of the actuators, the platform is kept in an earth fixed steady position. The remaining degrees of freedom are compensated by restraining two translations, surge & sway, and one rotation, yaw, of the vessel, by using a dynamic positioning or a traditional mooring system. The Barge Master products increase workability and make offshore installation activities safer.

Tarka Systems

Tarka Systems provides custom solutions for data acquisition and monitoring systems for complex installations. With 15 years of experience in development and in installation of data acquisition systems, the hardware and software solutions are made with the practical use of an engineer in mind.

Client Application

During the testing of the Barge Master T700, Tarka Systems was asked to provide a wireless Motion-Unit with an integrated battery supply. A Barge Master T700 can carry a crane for offshore construction and maintenance or function as a supply platform. The system compensates roll, pitch and heave, while surge, sway and yaw are fixated.

“Working with the MTi-30 made it possible to increase insight in our Barge Master T700 system dynamics. It provided us with a cost effective and accurate measurement tool.”,

R. Valk, Engineer at Barge Master.

The positive feedback from Barge Master resulted in continuation of the collaboration with Tarka Systems. For the measurements of the new Barge Master T40 the two companies will join forces again. The T40 system has a smaller footprint than the T700 and is capable of compensating a knuckle boom crane with a capacity of 15mT. On the Barge Master T40 the Motion-Unit is used to measure the motions of the crane load and is equipped with an MTi-30 sensor, a serial data logger, a wireless LAN unit and a battery control system. This is a similar setup as used during the testing of the Barge Master T700. The data will be integrated into the existing monitoring system for synchronized data storage.

The first Barge Master T40 will be incorporated in the new Walk-to-Work vessel for Wagenborg, to service and maintain gas fields on the North Sea. It is designed to safely transfer cargo on offshore platforms during wave heights up to 3 meters, without unwanted motions in the cargo.

The MTi-30 is discontinued now. As a replacement we offer two AHRS options: MTi-630 and the MTi-630R (rugged).  Find out more about these products:


Product page MTi-630 AHRS

Product page MTi-630R AHRS


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