Customer case
Customer case

15th April 2011

In 2008 the Olympic Games were held in Beijing. For the live opening Beijing Institute of Technology and AXIS3D (Xsens Entertainment distributor for China and Taiwan) worked together on motion capture sessions for a Taichi and a "Jump Dragon" performance.

Taichi performance



Director Zhang Yimou used Xsens MVN to record a standard Taichi movement. Axis 3D imported the performance data in Virtools as a reference for the actors doing the live performance. The incredible result was seen on TV all over the world.

“The Hi-Tech MVN help us to do all the things easy, it can records the best actions to help us to make different moves and evaluate them , it saves time and money”, director Zhang Yimou said.

Jump Dragon


During the closing ceremony in ShoaLin there was a Jump Dragon performance. Axis 3D also recorded the combined Chinese Kongfu actions on the Jump Dragon. The performers could pick the best moves to use for the closing ceremony.

In the pictures above you can see the Jump Dragon performers using Xsens MVN during the motion capture sessions. You also see pictures of the final closing ceremony.

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