12th February 2018

We always say a career at Xsens is like joining a family of friends. And there is plenty of time for fun as well during all the events organized by the Xsens staff association (called PVX). Next to that, we have two company events: the Summer & Winter event. These company events are always active of nature and during the Winter event, we also invite all the partners.

Off to the snow!

This Winter event, we went to the 'mountains' of Winterberg, Germany with a busload of colleagues and their spouses.

The fun already started the Friday before when Xsens provided hoodies with an ' Xsens Snow Camp' logo, just in case you were not able to find the Xsens wolfpack in the snow.


We arrived in the afternoon on Sunday and after everyone received their room key in hotel 'Der brabander ', we unanimously decided to have a drink in the Ski Hut, next to the hotel. After dinner and a nightcap for most of us, it was time to go to bed. We'll spare you the details of the nightcap but here are some dinner pictures. 


Monday morning everyone woke up early to make the most of the day. We started the day with a well taken care of breakfast in the hotel it was time to get going! After getting ski passes and rental gear we went to the slopes and were off boarding and skiing the rest of the day. For the people that wanted to learn how to ski, Xsens took care of skiing classes during the day. You could even go hiking or sled riding if you were not into skiing or snowboarding.


We were really lucky, that the week prior to us arriving 50cm of extra snow fell. So the conditions were perfect and all the skiers and snowboarders were in snow-heaven!  

 And of course, we did a real photo session of high-speed snowboarding. High speed, low drag as you can clearly tell by the making off picture .



The best part of these days is the opportunity to speak to colleagues you normally don't speak to often during working hours. In this case, because we went skiing and snowboarding smaller groups of people were automatically formed that were on the same level of experience. During lunchtime, however, most of us got together again for some Wienerschnitzel  mit  Pommes or any of the other available lunch options. 

There were a couple more skiing sessions after this. But you can probably see this is headed toward self-inflicted injury. Fortunately, noone got hurt during the making of this video. 

Everyone sat back together in the ski hut at around 3 pm and we ended the day together on the terrace. The people that used own transportation left after this drink. The bus left around 5 pm with all the tired people and after a 3-hour drive with most people sleeping, it was time to say goodbye and see you tomorrow. 


Would you like to join our fun events?

We'd love to have you! Take a look at our career page to see all the currently available careers at Xsens. 

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