14th September 2020

In January this year we introduced Xsens DOT to the world and successfully have continued to build a community around it. Work of many people of Xsens across different teams and locations has brought Xsens DOT to life. What they do every day influences the product and our customers experience. We have decided to speak to the people behind the Xsens DOT and share firsthand Xsens DOT experience with you.

Meet the people behind Xsens DOT 

Alessandro Bonfiglio is Application Engineer for Xsens DOT. Alessandro has a background in biomedical engineering and biomechanics, he obtained his master degree in Olympia college in London. He is based at the Xsens HQ in Enschede, Netherlands. Alessandro provides technical support to all Xsens DOT customers on their development journey to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Check out his journey with Xsens DOT. 

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Xu Feifei is Product Manager for Xsens DOT. She works at the Xsens Shanghai office. She holds Bachelor and Master degrees in mechatronic engineering and now works on further developing of the platform. Her goal to make Xsens DOT as user friendly as possible and build useful features to help customers to develop successful applications. Check out her journey with Xsens DOT. 

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Some questions about the Xsens DOT answered by Alessandro and Feifei

To give your more insides about what's happening behind the scenes of the development of Xsens DOT, we introduced A Day With on social media. For an entire day we followed Alessandro and Feifei and saw what they are working on and we asked them to answer some of your most burning questions about the platform, firsthand. Check out the questions and answers below! 


What’s so special about Xsens DOT?

Thank to Xsens' superior sensor fusion technology, Xsens DOT gives the highest level of data accuracy in the market. So you don’t have to worry about the data quality and focus on building your own applications and speed up the time to market. Xsens DOT is also can be easily integrated with any device and independent of operating system. Choose whichever you prefer and build your application on mobile, Windows, MacOS and even Linux.

What is the main application for Xsens DOT?

With Xsens DOT the application possibilities are endless! You can build applications in sports, health, academic research fields. Those could include applications for rehabilitation, gait analysis, joint angle measurement, yoga posture training, athletes performance analysis, workplace ergonomic analysis etc.

Can I use more than 5 DOT sensors at once?

Yes, 5 DOT sensors is a limitation that we set in our app at the moment. However, the physical limitation comes with the operating system, that you’re using on your device. So check the specification of your system and give a try yourself.

How is the data transferred from the phone to Mac/Windows for further analysis?

You can transfer the data recordings from Xsens DOT app to PC or Mac by using an USB cable. You either connect your phone to it and transfer the data manually, or you can store the data in your phone, and then using external software to download files, an example could be Google Drive. The third option could be to develop your own app, this way you have the greatest flexibility in order to decide where and how you can transfer your data.

We will keep this series to share firsthand team experience with you. Follow Xsens DOT on social media to watch it first.


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