14th July 2021

If you missed the first-ever Mocap Content Creators Conference this April, we have a full overview for you in this blog!

Xsens hosted this conference for the global community of Mocap Content Creators. we had an impressive lineup of speakers providing exclusive insights into how they are using Xsens for their creative process.

Check out sessions from pioneers such as CodeMiko, Corridor Digital, Eric Bear, and Cory Strassburger! They are sharing their tips, tricks, and knowledge with this community.

The conference's goal is to empower small and large studios to realize their creative ideas. Xsens supports this goal by providing accurate motion capture, cloud services, and flexible pricing for every kind of production.

Overview of the sessions at the first Mocap Content Creators Conference:

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Session 1 - How to become a vTuber, with CodeMiko

Part 1 - Vtuber setup

Learn how to prepare your Vtuber setup by using  Live Link function in Unreal Engine. The Technician started in live animation development and research sector but later on decided to transfer her knowledge creating content for Twitch. CodeMiko is a virtual avatar that streams on the interactive platform and chats live with other Twitch users. Miko model is designed with Maya, Unreal, Skeleton, and Xsens MVN system. Additionally, she has some advice for live streaming enthusiasts choosing Xsens hardware.


Part 2 - Live Streaming

The original idea of CodeMiko traveling across the Game worlds is still on hold but based on internet culture - The Technician managed to relate to the audience and go viral. Many people ask questions about the unique way of live streaming that the CodeMiko character presented. One of the secrets for smooth tracking is the Xsens Link suit, but The Technician's background in Unreal Engine and live animation played a significant role as well.


The full session by CodeMiko can be watched here.


Session 2 - One artist's process for creating cinematic character content, with Cory Strassburger

Part 1 - Creating virtual characters with mocap

Cory Strassburger brings avatars and their story worlds to life using Xsens motion capture and real-time technologies for some time now. In this part, you learn how one animator can create virtual characters with Xsens.


Part 2 - Action sequence in Unreal Engine with Motion Capture data

In this video, Cory Strassburger shows the process of creating an action sequence with Motion Capture in Unreal Engine. He also explains the process of integrating mocap data from Xsens MVN Animate and using the HD reprocessing tool. Improve your skills working with Action Sequence in Unreal Engine using motion capture data!


Part 3 - Cinematic content editing with Unreal Engine and Premiere Pro

In this video, Cory Strassburger shows the process of editing cinematic virtual character content with Unreal Engine and Premiere Pro. It is a breakdown of his famous Baby Yoda Star Wars Fan Film - The Child Strikes Back.


The full session by Cory Strassburger can be watched here.


Session 3 - How Corridor Digital creates their viral videos, with Samuel Gorski

Part 1 - Corridor Digital and Xsens mocap journey

A few years ago, the Corridor Digital (Corridor Crew) team started their mocap journey with the first Xsens suit. Let Co-Founder and Creative Director of Corridor Digital, Samuel Gorski, tell you a little bit more about their challenges and findings!


Part 2 - Motion capture with Corridor Digital (Xsens and iClone)

Corridor Digital creates content using Xsens Motion Capture technology and real-time 3D animation engine iClone to bring characters to life.


Part 3 - Digital Sam explains Corridor's CutScene

The project that took 1 year for Samuel Gorski to implement - The CutScene is here. Furthermore, he gives a  personal introduction to this Motion Capture powered masterpiece by Corridor Digital.


The full session by Sam Gorski can be watched here.


Session 4 - Creating “Darth Vader vs. Master Chief” with Remote Virtual Production with Eric Bear and Nick Romick

Part 1 - Setup for remote virtual productions with mocap

Pandemic influenced many creators to rethink the way they run virtual productions. One of the many teams is RetroPixel Digital, which is located in Vancouver, DC. Nick Romick, in our Mocap content Creators conference, introduced how they changed their working methods. Additionally, he tells more about the tools he uses to direct and create CG animations. On the other side, we have a professional mocap actor Eric Bear, who provides movement data from Texas. If you are looking for a setup to capture motion yourself, this is something to watch!


Part 1 - Running mocap productions remote

Join Eric Bear and Nick Romick (RetroPixel Digital) for an in-depth tour of their virtual productions pipeline. In their first episode of the web series about sci-fi and comic book characters, they create an animated piece with Darth Vader and Master Chief. In this video, you will see how to integrate mocap actor's data into Unreal Engine and create outstanding cinematic pieces.


The full session byEric Bear and Nick Romick can be watched here.


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