28th July 2020

At Xsens we strongly believe the driving force behind our company’s success are the people who work there. We are a company that takes pride in having a diverse team of colleagues with different backgrounds and strengths.

We would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes by shining a light on the #peopleofxsens. This time two bright minds from our Technology Team have the floor.


003J9560-bewerkt[293]Frank Wouda, Research Engineer

Frank lives in Nijverdal and started working at Xsens after finishing his PhD at the University of Twente. He has a passion for running, in particular longer distances in nature.

Tell us more about your career path at Xsens thus far?

The topic of my PhD project was using minimal sensing for full-body motion capture, which was a collaboration between Xsens and the University of Twente. I was given the opportunity to continue this work as a research engineer at Xsens, which lets me further develop such concepts for future products.


What do you personally enjoy most about working at Xsens?

The working environment is really great. Everyone is willing to help out with whatever you are struggling with, which keeps me motivated to keep developing myself. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for fun, sports and events.


How would you describe working at Xsens in 5 words?

Fun, active, challenging, rewarding, impact.


014L2509-bewerkt[294]Ibrahim Bilal, Senior Research Engineer

Ibrahim lives in Enschede with his wife and his twin boys. His technical background is in wireless communication, and has previously worked in cellular industry and in academia. For the past year, he has been working as a senior research engineer at Xsens. Outside work, his interests encompass philosophy, visual arts, and mathematics.


What does an average workday look like for you?

In Technology group, our daily tasks are not strictly defined. A big part of my day is spent on improving our core technology and/or developing prototypes. Other than that, part of the job is to identify new technological trends, collaborate on new research ideas, and assess interesting pieces of technology. I find that to be the most fun and rewarding part of my job. For lunch, I enjoy having a nice sandwich with my teammates, sometimes, over a silly philosophical conversation with no conclusions. And of course, my day is never complete without a game of ping pong with my colleagues.


What made you apply for a position at Xsens?

Before Xsens, I was engaged heavily in fundamental research. I enjoyed it a lot but at the same time, I yearned for applied research, where my research contribution can take a tangible yet meaningful form.

Xsens provided me with an ideal opportunity, where I can work in some of my favorite research fields, and contribute to a product that I can be proud of.


How would you describe working at Xsens in 5 words?

Fun, dynamic, challenging, creative, intellectually-satisfying.


Are you interested to know more about these and other positions on our Technology team? Please contact our Recruiter, Susan Bakker, via susan.bakker@xsens.com for more information.


Stay tuned for more “behind the scenes” information about the #peopleofxsens

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