11th August 2021

We are constantly listening to user feedback so we can improve your development journey with the Xsens DOT. On the Xsens DOT development platform, we release a significant update with the new hardware upgrade and the software updates, and new attachment methods. Let’s find out what we improved for Xsens DOT in the summary below or read the full 2021.0 release notes.


Hardware update

Xsens DOT has a new hardware upgrade, including the 2nd generation of sensor and charger. This hardware upgrade includes the improvement of overall hardware parameters and the optimization of user experience. 

With the sensor internal storage increased from 16 MB to 64 MB, the recording time is extended greatly, reaching 6 hours at an output frequency of 60 Hz. The battery capacity is also increased from 45mAh to 70mAh. It can be used continuously for up to 9 hours.

There are improvements on the user experience side that will make Xsens DOT easier to use than before. Now the sensor can be powered on by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. The power button is also redesigned for a better tactile experience. If you prefer the original method of powering on the sensor via USB plug-in, just configure it through the power-on options in the latest Xsens DOT App or SDK. A tri-color LED has been introduced, featuring green, yellow, and red LED. The sensor top housing is adjusted to make the LED brighter and more visible. The LED patterns are also optimized. Check out the user manual for the new patterns.

Additionally, the new charger has integrated the USB communication hub so it can be used to export recording data. The efficiency of data exporting can be significantly improved since you can export from 5 sensors at the same time through the charger.

It’s a drop and replaceable hardware upgrade to the existing first generation. The new hardware is available in the online shop. For more detailed changes check out the Product Change Notification


Firmware and software updates

In the 2021.0 release, firmware and software have been updated to support the 2nd generation hardware and are compatible with the first generation.

The function of device firmware update through Over-the-Air (OTA) is disclosed in the SDK. You can integrate this function into your applications, so you can do the firmware update without accessing Xsens DOT App.

We introduce a new measurement mode – Custom mode 4 to give out orientation (quaternion), inertial data, magnetic field data, and status at the same time. Visit our software download page to download the latest Xsens DOT software and documents. 


New straps and holders

The new strap set consists of 5 new straps and 5 holders. The strap has a hook at one end, allowing you to better adjust the tightness when using one hand. With the holder, the sensor can be firmly attached to the strap. Thus, the relative movement between them can be reduced greatly. The holders are also sold separately.


Xsens DOT user cases

Our partners and customers talked about their breakthrough application development journeys using Xsens Wearable Sensor Technology. Discover the most innovative healthcare and sports market applications. We chose the best use cases for you to get inspired to innovate.

Check out Xsens DOT user cases 

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